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IART – International Association of Rebreather Trainers

IART was founded in 1997 by Dr Hubert Stieve and Peter Grosserhode. It’s aim was to offer a safe and future-oriented training programme for all, in recreational realms, newly marketed closed circuit rebreathers. Today IART is one of the leading organisations for rebreather training.

IART trains users for SCR (semi closed) and CCR (closed-circuit) rebreathers at all levels from Nitrox to Trimix and also Instructors at all levels for this type of technical diving. Courses on all CE-tested semi-closed units, such as the Draeger Ray/Dolphin and the Submatix, and closed circuit units such as the APD Inspiration/Evolution are offered. Furthermore IART is able to provide training on various military units. Training can be found at IART Centres in Hong Kong, Philippines, Germany, Australia and Thailand.

IART provides its Instructors with regularly updated training materials for Nitrox, Trimix, SCR and CCR that is internationally approved by manufacturers of the rebreathers. IART members frequently work together on major divingprojects and expediations.

IART members are able to access training materials and exchange information through a protected Forum in the IART homepage www.iart.de. Every member receives an updated Instructor manual annually and has access to a personal listing on the website.